1st grade sight words

1st grade sight words

Over the past 40 years, the number of students 1st grade sight words who are educated abroad has grown 10-fold and has already exceeded 5 million people. The most popular destinations, the U.S. and Great Britain, traditionally offer high-quality and expensive education. The European organization Study.EU made a rating of universities, the study in which is not expensive for the student. Greece was ranked 6th: Free undergraduate programs and low housing costs make studying here affordable for most applicants. According to UNESCO, today there are 27.6 thousand foreign students studying in Greece. What are the advantages of Greek universities?


To become a student at a Greek university, you do not need to pass entrance exams: the competition is held on the basis of the average score in the certificate.
One of the requirements for admission is a knowledge of the Greek language, confirmed by a certificate from the University of Athens, the University of Thessaloniki or the Greek Language Center. If the applicant does not have such a document, he or she will spend the next eight months learning Greek and then enter the university. All this time he/she keeps his/her place as a student. The average cost of the Greek course is 500 euros.
If you enter a Greek university you can get a student visa that covers the entire period of study and allows you to travel freely in Europe.
The system of higher education in Greece is divided into two sectors: university and technical. At the moment there are 24 universities and 16 technical educational institutions (TEIs) in Greece with a more applied nature of education.
Applications for admission are submitted to the Ministry of Education, Science and Religion of Greece, which is very convenient because it is not necessary to apply to several universities at once. An applicant can apply simultaneously to 20 faculties, all of which must belong to one of the five scientific fields:

1st grade sight words

Humanities, Law, Social Sciences;
exact sciences;
technical sciences;
Economics and Management.
For graduates of European schools, the list expands to 40 faculties in two scientific fields.
As the study abroad agencies warn, preparing and submitting an application package is a cognate time-consuming task. It is better to take care of this in advance, because the acceptance of documents usually lasts only 10 days. Therefore, if something turns out to be wrong, it is unlikely to correct quickly. You may prepare and submit the documents yourself or use the services of specialists.

For foreign students, education at the first level is free. Teaching materials are also available free of charge.
All bachelor’s degree programs are taught in Greek, the master’s and doctoral programs are taught in Greek and in English.
Students at all levels can apply for scholarships and work part-time.
Students studying at Greek universities enjoy a number of benefits:

for meals in the university cafeteria;
Public transportation;
Sports facilities, libraries, historical and cultural sites.
International students are entitled to free medical care and can apply for a place in a dormitory (but their number is limited). It is important to remember that benefits are only available to students, and there are none during language courses. Therefore, the student will need at least health insurance, which costs 130 euros.

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