They will help you make your home practice as effective and beneficial as possible:

1. You can do yoga only on an empty stomach. Ideally, in the morning, after waking up and taking a cold shower. Or during the day, but so that 3-4 hours pass after breakfast or lunch.

2. Yes, it is better to practice in the morning. This is the first news. The second may not like it at all for beginners, but what can you do! Yoga is best practiced with sunrise – at 5-6 in the morning. Let’s explain: when the body awakens with nature, it gets additional energy and, attention, even healing. You will see later on how the day after such a “yogic” morning will be completely different. All the affairs will be easily and joyfully done, the strength and desire to do everything will appear. And why accumulate energy at the end of the day? It is better to do the practice in the morning and enjoy the whole day.

3. Before class, ventilate the room, you can light a stick with incense for a couple of seconds or dilute 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil in the water, it will be enough to refresh the air. The floor should be clean. It is more pleasant to work out. Although to some people it’s just the way they like it.

3 Clothing for the class. Choose comfortable, preferably cotton and white. You will need socks for relaxation. Immediately take off their chains and watches, bracelets and rings with bulging stones, otherwise they will disturb you and can hurt. Girls with long hair need to gather the hair into a bun or wear a cap for yoga. This is not a sectarian element, as some people think. First of all, it holds the hair in place. Secondly, it allows you to concentrate on the practice. I won’t explain anymore – you have to try it to understand the difference.

4. Women during their period are advised not to use inverted poses (shoulderstand, plow pose). During the first three days, do not do abs exercises and active abdominal breathing (fire breathing). Because all this can increase bleeding. But if you are not embarrassed by that, then you may continue these practices – do them slower and for less time.

5. During pregnancy, general yoga classes should be replaced by special yoga for pregnant women.

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