How can you support a child who has been bullied?

Parents should be interested in the life of their child and, but should not be too intrusive. From our article, you will learn what actions to help a child survive persecution, and what words can aggravate what is happening.

– Avoid expressions and words that may increase the conflict.

Many parents unfairly accuse their children with the words: “You yourself are guilty of what happened”, “If you were humiliated, then there is a reason”, “Your appearance and behavior provoke classmates into conflicts”, etc. These words undermine the fragile psyche of a teenager. Parents should not say such words, because their child is not to blame for anything.

Even if he has strong differences from his peers, expressed in appearance or in character, no one has the right to bully him. And if a parent says such words, he finds an excuse for the actions of the offenders, takes their side, betraying his child.

“You don’t need to pay attention to them” is another expression that should not be said to a child. It must be remembered that bullying is a gross invasion of a person’s personal space and such actions cannot be left unattended. In a child who receives daily humiliation, self-esteem is suppressed, dropping almost to zero.

“Don’t be patient, but give them all back,” such advice is very risky, because it can aggravate the situation and cause physical violence. Often offenders act as a group, and the child will not be able to skillfully resist them. Then the humiliation and ridicule will become unbearable and will only intensify.

“Get away from my child, otherwise I will arrange for you,” such words will not stop the offenders, but will make their actions even more brazen. They will believe in their strength and in the weakness of your child.

– What should parents do?

* In such a situation, it would be better to consult a psychologist for advice. And you need to do this as soon as you realize that the child is being bullied. You can use the advice of a school psychologist or a helpline.

* Parents need to take a closer look at their child and at home in order to understand what position he has, whether he is a leader or an outsider, in order to be ready for possible events. If a teenager does not find contact with peers well and is not confident in himself, then it is worth choosing the right sport or hobby for him so that his self-esteem increases.

The child must know that his parents love him and support him in any case.

* According to psychologists, leaving school is not always the right decision. After all, no one guarantees that the child will not have new tormentors in another educational institution.

* If a similar situation happened to your child, then you should remove the beatings and contact law enforcement agencies. Knock on all doors to protect your child and prevent further bullying.

The cohesive actions of parents, teachers and students, the entire leadership of the school and the district can help you.

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