How do you concentrate?

What a trouble, there are a lot of goals, a lot of tasks, everything should be done in time, and it does not work. The distraction. Or what’s called “no king in the head.” That is, there is no despot in it to whom everything must obey, otherwise it will come to such self-righteousness that it will be terrible not to joke.

How do you concentrate?

But how can one concentrate if there is no king and one has to move to self-government? I take an old notebook, which was specially dedicated to taming the will, attention, memory. They work well on their own, but outside the box. Attempts to reach an agreement with them invariably ended in failure: after a short period of obedience, they went into autonomous mode, and it was impossible to connect them to some common sense of activity. Perhaps they were protecting them from entrenchment with far-fetched targets. Thank you, of course, but maybe you should have done it differently.
In any case, there is a notebook, and it has many, many points of useful tips. Advice from someone or someone. As you know, the best way to help yourself is when you’re advising someone with a similar problem. Others, in general, do not need our advice, we need communication that leads in the right direction under the demanding view of the interlocutor. You need ideas that are already ripe in the incubator of your own mind, but do not hurry to hatch. That was why there was such a demand for help from a coach, who did not give advice but only asked, asked and asked.

How do you concentrate?

So what about concentration? The main thing is to tie your lessons to the meaning of your life. It’s a little hard. This will give rise to thoughts about a meaning that is ideally infinitely far from real possibilities. Or just out of comfort zone. But try to understand that there is just discomfort, and that there is a danger to life, which should not be risked. It’ll come in handy.
Life must be long, very long to be able to see everything, to know, to feel. What for? In case we need our expertise behind the death line. Or if the departed ancestors feel us. Or so that in the chain of ancestors and descendants do not be a sticky link.
But it’s not a bad way to focus: a little thought ran along the unattractive routes, immediately returning them to the question of meaning. We are engaged in business, trying to deeply feel the connection of this case with the meaning, or, alternatively, to step a little further towards the meaning. Even if it is not visible, but something that feels like meaning is definitely there, and you can try to move towards it. Little by little, take your time.

How do you concentrate?

A good connection to meaning is very important, but even with a good connection, there can be an unexplained weakness of will. In this case, there is a darkness of advice from nutritionists and phytotherapists: For example, “tablets for mind” of the well-known herbalist Vladimir Fedorovich Korsun, containing roots of a helmet of the Baikal, ginger, rhodiola pink, a levsey saflorovidnoj, a grass of schizonepeta cut, a snake header of the Moldavian, arnica mountain, a donica medicinal, astragala pereponchatogo, a bloated mossy, bakopa Monieri and a mushroom chaga.
The report helps a lot of people. You can print tables from the Internet or buy a Stephen Covey diary. But it’s much better to invent your own forms only from other people’s findings. Every time the old method refuses to work, it means that it is time to activate the inventive vein and create something new. To do this, we formulate the problem, trying to express the interference in words.
For example, when my problem was “lack of a fundamental idea”, I printed out a diary, inserting aphorisms about will and other necessary qualities. These phrases help with regular use. That’s why there aren’t enough of them to read one day, you have to put them in front of your eyes. But later it turned out that there were few phrases. And on the same pages there were jokes in the theme, parables and lyrics. A whole book, not a diary, but a book that is extremely useful.

How do you concentrate?
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A good clue was in Betty Edwards’ “The Artist Within You”. She suggests starting the day by writing out all the thoughts on the page for three. It really helps to feel the core of the day.
But maybe it’s better to use the Gennady Shichko method. It is an evening diary, positive, correct, with the right moods that will work in your head all night. The method is serious, helps to heal addictions, to subdue the body, character and mind. There’s also autotraining for the same thing. And let’s not forget about prayer, which is not equal to autotraining, but is very similar to it for unbelievers.
It works very well with the kids to record achievements, plushies. If the child can’t write yet, he can tell the recorder what good he had. “Looked at a snowflake” is nothing for an adult, but an event for a child, and later, years later, access to a wonderfully pure memory. Very successful was the young pianist, who after each performance of the play said that it was better to do it again. And we adults don’t have to be ashamed to talk to ourselves. You can dialogue between your images with different names. This is not a bifurcation of personality, it is just a game that allows each part of character and will to exercise the right to vote.

How do you concentrate?
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Thank you to Stanislavsky for the “If only” method. We imagine a situation in which today’s case will be critical. For example, the exam is not in six months, but in 10 minutes, and we must urgently put something in the head.
A lot of ideas from Vadim Zeland’s surfing, a good series of inspiring books. But you can’t tell them here.
I love my outline of ideas about will. It’s a very useful job to do this kind of review. Unlike copying entire articles from the Internet, pen-to-paper writing allows you to focus on the found idea of self-organization while you output bukovki. If a particular thought does not include an energy flow, you can write the following one. There is a danger of accidentally getting carried away and becoming a collection of useful thoughts without learning to focus on anything else.

How do you concentrate?

After many years of getting used to writing and getting used to practical things at school, it is very easy not to notice how the abstract will become an end in itself. But this is anyway better than getting stuck in computer toys or watching endless videos, which has become a disaster of our time and ruined the will of a huge number of people. It’s ruined so much that neither relatives nor specialists can help. Oh, yeah, Shichko’s method is pretty good. If you can focus on him.

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