How do you learn to play the piano well?

Some people use summer vacations for recreation, and for some it is a great period for learning and training. And if summer vacation from the school program only benefits, there are some skills, training which should not stop for more than a month.

How do you learn to play the piano well

Athletes, musicians, as well as preschoolers and juniors who are just beginning to learn the basics of writing, counting and reading, should study all year round. Of course, a short break and switching to another activity will not hurt, but in general it is not recommended to drop the class. Weakly learned skills are quickly wasted, and in the new school year, the first month has to be spent on remembering the forgotten and re-learning the basics.

What can young pianists do in summer not to lose their skills, or maybe even improve their skills?

First, get a tool. If you are serious about music, you need a personal instrument. Home electronic pianos and pianos are small in size, but completely replace the original instrument. It is not necessary to buy a synthesizer, you need a piano so that the force of pressing the keys when playing on an electronic piano does not differ from the force applied when playing a mechanical instrument.
Secondly, think of a lesson plan. Every day, play the pieces put and set for the summer and learn new melodies for your soul. Playing the screen saver from “Game of Thrones” is much more interesting than the scales, and the benefits will be in both cases.
Third, take a few private lessons. Look for a teacher and go to class once a week. To find a teacher, use Internet resources such as Rehearsal Center, Yandex Services or SpBR.

How do you learn to play the piano well

First, make a list of your demands:
Decide whether you want to spend your lessons at home or at the teacher’s apartment. You can’t say that any of the ways is most preferable, you choose by convenience.
If it’s important to you, determine the sex and age of the tutor. Some people categorically do not want to study with young musicians, and some do not like elderly professors. Here, again, there is no better option, but still pay attention to the level of professionalism of the teacher.
It is good if the tutor has pedagogical experience or positive feedback from students. After all, you need a music teacher, not a famous musician. You can pay a lot of money for lessons from a famous pianist, to get communication and pleasure, but not to advance in the skill, because the tutor does not have the skills of a teacher.
Choose the time and frequency that suits you best. In summer, once a week is enough if it is important to maintain the level. If there are gaps in skill, look for a teacher in the right subjects and discuss the training plan with him. It will be easier for someone to study a week every day and continue to switch to the support mode once a week, and for someone it will be easier to attend classes 2 times a week. In both cases, the payment amount will not change, so it is your willingness that counts.
Once your lesson and tutor requirements have been formulated, set your criteria in the search for each of the above resources and compare the appropriate options. Price limit is better not to set, as the program will cut off any conditions that do not pass the filter, and a suitable teacher can set the cost of the lesson is only 50-100 rubles higher. In addition, many teachers are willing to make a discount for paying for several lessons at once, so pick up the price manually. Have a good lesson and the best teachers!

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