How do you make boxes out of drywall?

The plasterboard has taken its place of honor in construction. In America, Europe, Russia, Canada drywall is very popular and widely used for interior design. In this article, we will look at how to assemble drywall boxes.

How do you make boxes out of drywall
Installation of false ceiling of gypsum board

Making the markup.

In the center of the ceiling there will be a tensioning cloth. Boxes of drywall will be 50 cm each. Room 5×4 m. Set up a tripod with a laser in the center of the room. We find the lowest point of the ceiling. Switch on the laser and measure with tape from the ceiling to the laser line around the perimeter: where there will be the smallest distance, there will be a lower point. Initially, you need to know the size of the cornices on the sides of the box. Let’s say the cornices are 7cm. The stretch ceiling is lowered by at least 4 cm, we lower it by 5 cm. So, we have to measure 11 cm from the lowest point of the ceiling along the wall (then we’ll screw up the drywall), and we’ll get the board of the box 7 cm. Install our laser on the mark 11 cm on the wall and around the perimeter mark in pencil. Next, we make the markings on the ceiling. We measure 49 cm from the wall and beat the ceiling with a chop cord. It’s from every wall.

How do you make boxes out of drywall

We are assembling the frame.

Screw the guideways 28×27 mm along the wall. Screw 28 x 27 mm rails onto the ceiling according to our markings. We cut 16 cm wide and 2.5 m long four strips of drywall. Screw with 2.5 cm metal screws on the profile we have screwed to the ceiling. We will still have to cut two strips of 16 cm by 1.5 m long and two strips of 16 cm by 50 cm long. We’re winding it up. Switch on our laser, which remained at the same level as we twisted the rails on the wall, and make the marks with a pencil. We beat “chop” on the sides of the box and cut the remaining drywall. Cleaning planer plasterboard cut around the perimeter. Screw a 28×27 mm guide rail onto our board so that the ribs look at the wall. Subsequently, a 60 x 27 mm profile will be inserted into them. We make mortgages under tension ceilings from 60×27 mm profile. We measure from the lower point of the board to the top 5 cm and set the laser on this mark, make marks on the perimeter. At this point will be attached the bottom of our mortgage. On the inside of the box insert profiles and screw the outer side of the box with 2.5 cm metal screws.

This is how we tighten the pawn profile to the tensioning slabs around the entire circumference.

How do you make boxes out of drywall

Then we make jumpers from 60×27 mm profile every 50 cm. We see in advance that they do not get on the spotlights, if they are on the design project. Some do not make hangers, because the strength of the structure is due to the ceiling and wall profile, then there is a lintel lintel and together “sewn” it all drywall panel. I still make two hangers on one box and one on the other, as we have a ceiling of 5×4 m, that’s quite enough. In total, the “monolithic” frame gives. In general, as experienced gypsum plasterboard specialists say, an earthquake will happen – the house will collapse, and the frame will stand. It remains to screw the strips of drywall 50 cm each from below – and the boxes are ready. Now give way to the painters. It’s their finest hour!

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