How to Choose a kindergarten sight words: What’s Important for Parents to Know

Choosing a kindergarten is a complex, important and time-consuming process. If you plan that your child should start attending kindergarten from September 1 of the current year, you should choose a suitable preschool in advance and apply for it between February 1 and May 31.

The “Social Navigator” has prepared a number of general tips that can make it easier for parents to choose a preschool.

At the moment, the situation in big cities is such that the choice of preschool education has a direct impact on the school where the child will be and will continue his/her education. This is primarily due to the fact that many kindergartens are attached to schools. It is worth thinking about this now, because the closer to the age when a child has to go to the first grade, the harder it is to find a suitable option.

How to Choose a kindergarten sight words: What's Important for Parents to Know

Geographical factor.

Of course, all parents are beginning to look for a place for their child from what is within walking distance. This aspect is one of the most relevant when choosing a kindergarten, which is confirmed by the results of the DNF survey. A large distance between home and kindergarten will create additional difficulties. This may affect the attendance of children. At the same time, the territorial accessibility of our kindergartens is assessed as high, more than half of parents reach preschool institutions on foot. Some families, who pay special attention to this issue, even change their place of residence due to the birth of children.

The staff of the prep for gre kindergarten

Conveniently located kindergarten is an important, but not the key issue. The most important thing – the staff. Here it is necessary to pay attention to teachers: whether they have higher pedagogical education, appropriate (preschool) education. Of course, you can not exclude the human factor, you should try to get acquainted personally, learn the future teacher better.

It’s worth choosing a garden with an in-house psychologist. Do not underestimate the importance of constant work of a profile teacher with your child.
Pay attention to the presence of a nurse: here the situation is generally positive. Approximately 75% of cases there are people who are ready to provide first aid to children.

There is a personnel problem in the regions: the local authorities are fighting the queues to sight words for kindergarten not at the expense of new buildings, but by increasing the density of groups. Therefore, the number of children in one group can sometimes reach 45, with an average of 25. That is why it is worth to choose the kindergarten where the ratio of teaching staff and auxiliary personnel (cooks, janitors) to children is better.

Training .

Further attention should be paid to the programme used by the preschool educational organization. Among the complex programmes (covering all five educational areas and aimed at the multifaceted development of the child’s personality) this is:

How to Choose a kindergarten sight words: What's Important for Parents to Know

Of the partial programmes (covering one of the educational fields and aimed at the local development of an ability or skill) the most common are:

The above programs are the most popular and most often used in kindergarten sight words, but each parent should choose an appropriate education plan for their child individually, based on the child’s preferences, strengths and weaknesses.


Learn about the kindergarten itself and how to organize children’s safety. For example, there is an enclosed area for walking, as well as specially equipped playgrounds. Is there day security? Are computers and electronic aids used for lessons? Additional services for children, such as a swimming pool, will of course be a huge plus.
In conclusion, 71% of parents appreciate the condition of the kindergarten where their child is studying.

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