Try to create an environment that makes it easier for your child to learn:
household – good nutrition, gentle regimen, good sleep,
calm household environment, a cozy and comfortable place for
classes;, emotional – exercise faith in the child’s capabilities,
do not lose hope for success, rejoice at the slightest achievements,
express love and patience in anticipation of success, do not
insult him in case of failure; cultural – provide for the child
reference books, dictionaries, manuals, atlases, books on
school curriculum, cassettes.
Listen to your child: let him retell what is needed
memorize, remember, periodically dictate texts for
recording, ask for textbook questions, etc.
Regularly check the schedule of lessons, electives,
circles, additional activities for control and to provide
possible help.
Share knowledge including with children from an area in which you excel,
enrich them.
Remember that evaluation is not the only focus
parents, and knowledge, even if you use it today
impossible. Therefore, think about the future and explain to the children where
and when it will be possible to use the knowledge.
Create family traditions and rituals that will
stimulate the educational activity of children. Use
positive experience of your parents and acquaintances.
Do not disregard the child’s free time, help
make it useful and informative, take part in it
Make your child feel that you love him regardless of
academic performance.

Love me and don’t forget to express your love
(look, smile, touch). Love me just for being
what I am, and I will become even better.
Do not be afraid to be firm with me,
especially when it comes to your parenting requirements. I should
know the boundaries of what is permitted.
Don’t compare me to others. I have the right to be different and
I’m the only one like that in the whole earth.
I love you very much and always want to be loved by you.
Therefore, do not be upset when I get annoyed and angry with you when
naughty or screaming. It will pass. My feelings, like yours, are not
forever. I might want you to pay more attention to me
Never call me names. It hurts me then
all my hopes are crumbling and I do not believe in myself.
Do not hit or humiliate me. I will grow up and take revenge on everything
the world, punishing yourself and your children and making you unhappy.
Give me the right to make a mistake and don’t make me think that mine
mistakes are crimes. All people can be wrong. None
Take some time and listen to me. Sometimes I feel like
tell about yourself and my problems.
Don’t make me feel guilty or say, “Because of you
in my life nothing adds up! “After all, I am not responsible for
adult problems.
Remember that I am learning a lot from you and want to be like
Be prepared to perceive me as a person separate from
you and not like you.
Submit requirements that match my
Don’t comment on me in front of other people.
Take care of me.

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