Is it worth learning to print blindly?

Although I am a graphomaniac with experience, but all hands did not come to check how quickly and accurately I can type. On the one hand, speed in author’s articles and advertising texts is not important, but on the other hand, a fast writer will have time to take an audience with a large number of publications and break away from competitors in terms of number of readers and money earned.

Is it worth learning to print blindly
Hipster vintage wooden desktop top view, male hands typing on a laptop

So in the production of text content blind method of printing (when you do not look at the keyboard when typing) is not the main factor, but rather significant. What to do… Capitalism. You have to quickly press the keys to earn a slice of bread. So, I passed one of the online tests: speed – 207 characters per minute, accuracy – 94%. Not a super variant, near the lower boundary of 200 characters. The highest one is 400 zn/min. And records are set at 800 or even 1200 characters. I will practice!

Is it worth learning to print blindly
hand typing on a virtual keyboard interface

The gap is pressed with the thumb. Left or right, it doesn’t matter how comfortable. The Shift key is a pinky. Again with the one that’s more convenient, because this key is both on the right and on the left. All other keys are in different finger schemes, so here I recommend to pick up your own, the most convenient option for you personally. Note the letters A and O. There should be protruding lines at the bottom of the keys. These are directions for your hands during quick typing on the keyboard. Dashpoints delineate the boundaries of the left and right sectors of the keyboard and help you find the center. I’ll say for myself: I just found out about it. I’ve never noticed them tactfully. But my keyboard is cheap, so on cool ergonomic “keys,” these lines may feel good with your fingers. Do you want to learn the location of the keys quickly? Buy a non-character keyboard or erase the characters on your keyboard. If anything, it’s a joke with a bit of truth. Dial blindly, start slowly, but try not to help your fingers with your eyes. Always return to the main line and place your fingers on the start keys again. By the way, you don’t have to print quickly using all 10 fingers. It’s a myth that a 10-finger blind seal is the coolest. The task of the blind method is different: to free the brain from worrying about hitting the keys on the keyboard. I only print with three or four fingers, rarely adding a thumb to the gap. And the speed is pretty decent. So the most important thing for a keyboard employee is to feel the key space, automatically “remembering” where to point your fingers the next moment. As for keyboard selection, my advice would be harmful. The thing is that I like short stroke keys (almost without protrusions) and small keyboards. Whereas it is usually advised by completely opposite models.

Is it worth learning to print blindly
Programmer using laptop, closeup

Those who print a lot, the blind method is recommended, because it has a positive effect on health: it eliminates slouch, allows you to place the keyboard and monitor in a comfortable position, reduces mental fatigue. Copywriting prices are definitely not going up, so you have to print more and more. So learn to type quickly and correctly.

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