Money meditation

Option 1: visualization of a banknote
This version of meditation on money involves tuning in to earning income. First you need to actually consider a banknote to the smallest detail, then close your eyes and imagine it mentally in the same detail as it is in your hands, you turn it over, you see small details. Continue the exercise for at least half an hour. It is possible and more.

Option 2: Magnetic Attraction of Wealth
Imagine that you are a huge magnet that can attract banknotes to you, you have such power that they come to you in a continuous stream.

Option 3: Awakening Meditation
As soon as you wake up, do not rush to make plans for solving painful problems, listing worries and affairs in your head, and even more so, do not immediately jump out of bed. Do not worry that not thinking about worries will hurt their resolution, on the contrary. Close your eyes, lie down for half an hour. Do not think about unpleasant things, even if on this day they have to be turned over with a vengeance. Think about your dreams, desires, about the pleasant moments of the coming day. About the sun outside the window, about the desires that bring you pleasant emotions. Send your dreams to the universe daily, change your desires and such meditation on money will allow the universe to hear you.

Option 4: Abundance Meditation
In the process of meditation on money, visualize for yourself the very door that separates you from the life and prosperity that you aspire to. Imagine it as beautiful as possible, glowing with golden light, consider mentally all its details. Approaching this door, imagine how it swings open in front of you, you enter it, and behind it is everything that a person can possibly need, all material and spiritual benefits. Carefully imagine what this ideal world should look like.

Here are some affirmations to help you practice meditation:

Money loves me very much, and I love them.
My income far exceeds my expenses.
I have plenty of money, their amount is constantly increasing.
I am grateful to the Universe for everything that I have and I am ready to receive more.
Money floats into my hands in a wide full-flowing river, an endless stream.

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