Participle examples

Participle examples

In this article, we Participle examples language of instruction will tell you about the German higher education system.

It is based on the Bologna Process, which consists of two stages:

Bachelor’s degree;
Master’s degree.
There are some exceptions! For example: Jurisprudence. There are no divisions, but a “Staatsexamen” (state examination) awaits all students.

After the higher education, the student has access to two types of master’s degrees:
Konsekutiv – This is when the student studies a major, the same as a bachelor’s degree.
Nicht konsekutiv – This is when the student is given full freedom of choice.
There are fewer universities that offer the second type of master’s degree (nicht konsekutiv).

There is a difference in education.

German students enter after finishing upper secondary school and obtaining an average grade in the main subjects.

How can a foreigner apply for admission to a German university?

It is necessary to obtain a special admission (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung). It is possible to obtain admission after finishing courses and obtaining a degree in your home country, the diploma of which is accepted at German universities.

Participle examples

Russian applicants, who wish to study at a German university after high school, will have to spend a couple of years at Studienkolleg and take FeststellungprĂĽfungen (examinations).

How to apply
Students who have received their counterpart (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung) outside of Germany use the services of a “uni-assist”, which checks the application papers and calculates the average grade. Then it’s off to the university of your choice. Uni-assist cooperates with a large number of universities all over the country.

The service is not free! To apply to one German University for residents of Russia and the CIS will cost about 80 euros, to each subsequent – 15 euros.

The educational process
To be a student of German higher education means to be a motivated and self-disciplined person.

German education is built on the independence of students:

large volumes of material;
independent choice of subjects for examinations;
the search for practical experience.
In the UK, employers look first and foremost at your practical skills. Even a graduate of a prestigious university can be rejected if he or she has no work experience. Europeans and Brits how to not hate math start working at age 16 because of the huge student loans. Without experience, compared to other candidates, your resume will lose out. Therefore, during the study already looking for a part-time job – preferably in the specialty, but also any other will be useful!

All in good time

Many students concentrate on writing exams, dissertations… and only then, at the very last moment, study the labor market. Wrong approach! It is advisable to start looking for a permanent job at least 6 months before graduation. For example, if you have your dissertations in June, you should be looking at job openings as early as January.

The best time to fill out an application for a graduate scheme (a special program to start a career in all major companies) is September or October. The second wave takes place in winter or early spring, but with completely different positions. Of all applicants, only 1% of students get graduate schemes. So you need to consider alternatives, to look for as many positions as possible. If you are willing to put your mind to it, constantly review your strategy and try new approaches, you will definitely get a positive response from employers!

About great opportunities

There is a myth that Russian-speaking graduates can only find jobs in banking, consulting, or travel agency. In reality, there are more than 30,000 companies that hire our professionals. The in-demand segments are: start-ups, service, creative, and financial industries.

Unfortunately, many students can’t learn about all the opportunities because of a lack of information and expertise. For help, you need to turn to specialists who know the British labor market for Russian speakers very well.

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