Preparation of preschoolers for school begins long before the first grade

It is traditionally believed that the child by the beginning of training knows:

surname, name and patronymic (of one’s own and of one’s parents), day of birth and home address;

contractions grammar;

names of days of the week and months;

seasons, natural and weather phenomena;
names of animals, birds, fishes; gives examples of differences (animals walk, they have 4 legs; birds fly, they have 2 legs, 2 wings, a beak; fish swim, they have no legs and wings, they have fins); understands the difference between domestic and wild animals, wintering and migratory birds;

names of plants, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, berries; gives examples of forest, garden, wild flowers;

the name of your locality, the capital of the country, different states;

the most famous professions and occupation of their parents;
colors and shades;

famous writers and poets; the names of holidays and the time when they are celebrated; several sports;

modes of transport (land, water, air);

elementary rules of the road for pedestrians and drivers.

Well, if the future first grader knows how to:

to distinguish yesterday-today-tomorrow, long ago-recently;
correctly determine the position of an object in space: right / left, top / bottom, front / back;
compare “more / less”;
distinguish geometric shapes;
determine an extra object or word;

words that start with i;
write in cells;
draw around the contour;
copy a picture and a simple sentence;
find words starting with the given letter;
read syllables and simple words;
count up to 10 in forward and reverse order, know the composition of numbers;
recite poems by heart;
invent stories and fairy tales;
describe a picture, make up a story based on it;
express what you hear;
anwser the questions;
describe objects and events from memory;
finish sentences;
know letters, distinguish them from sounds;
understand what sound is the first and last in the word;
hold the pen/pencil correctly;

private school interview questions for parents.

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