Preparing your child for school

How to properly prepare children for school and s adjectives? How important is it to develop children’s speech? How to do it correctly? Can you blame for mistakes?

Most parents think in advance about when and how to prepare their baby for first grade.

When admitted to school, children are often interviewed. The main thing that is important for psychologists and teachers is developed speech. The child has the right not to be able to count and read, but must speak.

Try to develop your baby’s speech from birth. To do this, you need to comment on any of your actions. Until the moment when he does not begin to answer you. Each person’s speech consists of separate building blocks – words. And the more of them there are in the active vocabulary, the more varied and richer the speech will be.

Use adjectives.
Try to include as many adjectives as possible in children’s speech. Very often kids only use nouns and verbs. And it is important for you to expand their vocabulary by asking clarifying questions: “Which one? Which?”

Already at two or three years old, the child should have his own small bookshelf. Stir encyclopedias and reference books on the one hand, fiction on the other. Let the baby understand the difference. At the age of five or six, it is necessary to add more dictionaries of phraseological units, antonyms and synonyms. Moreover, an understanding of the various categories of books must be formed before entering school.

We create with our palms and draw with our fingers.
Such activities and comma before so perfectly develop fine motor skills. Start drawing snakes, circles, sticks. A little later, show the kid how any animal can be made from a geometric figure by drawing the legs and ears. All this will teach the child to fantasize, communicate, express their emotions with the help of pencils and paints.

Do not scold children for mistakes.
It is important to praise and encourage, to emphasize that everything will definitely work out if you try hard.

First book.
Almost all kids love to compose fairy tales. Try to benefit the child from this. Invite him to write a short story. Let him come up with, and you write down his fantasies. You can suggest individual words and expressions, but do not argue if the crumb does not agree with you. Do not put pressure on him, agree, because he is the author and has the right to his point of view.

The child should definitely see how the story he invented turns into a printed text. Print the story using a printer, leaving room for illustrations, photographs, and marginal notes. The design of the future book is a very important stage that can bring considerable benefit to the baby.

Learning new things.
If you explain something for a long time, and the baby does not understand it, this is only your problem. In any teaching, it is important to be patient and respect the child’s work. You think reading is easy. And for him everything is for the first time, he has to learn, consolidate and work out. The kid has the right to forget everything, even though you just repeated it to him. In children, short-term memory prevails over long-term memory. And if something doesn’t work out, you need to try differently.

You can not scold the child for what you yourself are to blame.
Childhood will fly by quickly, and maintaining peace and good family relationships is much more important than achieving excellent grades in school at any cost. In the classroom, children should not cry, get upset, treat classes negatively. If you can’t find the right technique, contact the professionals. These can be speech therapists, primary school teachers, educators or defectologists. Perhaps they will be able to find an approach to your child faster and better than yours.

We teach the account.
It is always better to learn in the game: count cars, dolls, apples, birds, any objects of the surrounding world. Parents are sure that the child should be able to name the numbers in order, at least up to a hundred, if not up to a thousand. In fact, the ability to operate with numbers, subtract and add is much more important. Do not strive to complete the entire elementary school curriculum in the remaining time before school. Your main task is to give a start, the rest of the child will be taught at school.

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