Psychology of child development: what is the cognitive activity of a child

According to the psychology of child development and, there are several driving forces for the development of a child: these are heredity, environment, and also the child’s personal activity. Including the presence of the last factor – the personal activity of the child – scientists explain the fact that children in the same family, who have similar heredity and the environment in which development takes place, can radically differ from each other.

Under the activity of an adult is understood a special active attitude to the world around him, the desire to produce significant changes and transformations in it. In relation to young children in developmental psychology, the concept of the cognitive activity of the child is more often used.

Cognitive activity is understood as a keen interest in the world around and, the desire to learn something new, to clarify and deepen existing knowledge, as well as the child’s independent search for answers to questions of interest to him, etc.

It should be noted that the formation of the cognitive activity of the child we are considering is important for his mental development, as well as for the identification and development of his individual inclinations and the formation of his personality, therefore, cognitive activity must necessarily be supported by parents and close relatives.

Psychology of child development: how to encourage cognitive activity?

Often there are situations when parents focus their attention in raising a small child solely on meeting his physical needs and ensuring his safety, ignoring children’s attempts to learn about the world around them and the numerous questions of their child. Parents often forget how new and incomprehensible the world is for the baby. The formation of cognitive activity in a child can also be significantly slowed down under difficult conditions of hospitalization.

Cognitive activity is not something that parents should teach, it is something for which they should create the right conditions. The creation of conditions does not include flooding the child with toys. Toys should be selected to promote cognitive development. Moreover, child developmental psychologists believe that toys should be played with the child, otherwise there will be little benefit from them.

A very important factor in the development of cognitive activity, from the point of view of the psychology of the development of children, is the communication of the child with his parents. Parents and immediate family are the most important source of information about the world. Moreover, communication and answering children’s questions strengthens the emotional bond between the child and parents.

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