Sage Marichi Pose (deep twist)

This yoga pose treats sprains of the shoulder ligaments and displacement of the joints, makes the shoulder girdle mobile.

Execution technique

We sit down, bend the right leg. Stretch the left leg forward, pull the toe towards you. We put the foot of the right foot behind the left thigh.
We lean with our right hand on the floor behind us.
We turn the body towards the bent leg. The left hand, bent at the elbow, we wind up behind the right knee. We stretch the crown up.
We linger in this position for a few seconds. Then we twist to the other side.

If inflexible and obese people are unable to wrap their arms around the knee, press the bent leg against the abdomen, strain the extended leg by pointing the toe of the foot toward you. In this case it makes sense to bend the right knee first and only then the left knee (this is how the bowels are massaged).

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