Sight words 1st grade

sight words 1st grade

Shrawan Goli, a Forbes journalist, says: “Games are a useful tool”, but their effectiveness depends directly on “how well they are integrated into the overall learning strategy.

The authors of another study, “Gamification in Education: What, How and Why? – Columbia University staff Joel Lee and Jessica Hammer found that students have “problems with motivation and involvement in the learning process” when using game elements. Despite this, there is no sight words 1st grade doubt that the successful implementation of game methods in the learning process can be really useful and effective.

Educational technologies are developing at a record pace
The website of the educational TV channel KQED provides data on a sharp increase in the number of educational applications for smartphones. It is noteworthy that over 80% of such applications in iTunes are designed for schoolchildren. Only in the last summer several really interesting programs have been released that make children not only have fun, but also think. The most popular in this category are applications that develop writing skills, programming and scientific grade 5 math workbooks knowledge, using game methods.

sight words 1st grade

Gamification will help the business
Will private business be able to become a reliable partner of the state in shaping the future image of the educational system? In his other article Goli says that it is not enough to reduce education reform to public control: “Our main goal is to enable our children to learn using personalized interactive methods offered by private developers.

Goli calls on the government to help businessmen working in the field of gamification. After all, private developers in their products address those aspects of learning that are often ignored by traditional methods: for example, the importance of communication, effective interaction or leadership.

The award makes you learn better
Dr. James G, a renowned researcher in the field of education, says of this phenomenon: “You will learn nothing if you are not motivated. And motivation always takes the form of a reward. You can have fun earning game points, but at the same time, the game will help you better understand abstract subjects such as algebra. Dr. G gives the example of 3500 Chinese students who studied English using video games. 95% of teachers who observed this experiment admitted that this form of learning has significantly increased the motivation of students.

Back to the Future of Gamification
There is no point in weighing all the pros and cons of gamification. The American education system is in crisis, and it is clear that you need to use all available means to help it. And the use of gaming techniques can be the very reason why young people want to learn again.

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