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When you are in New York City and you want your kid to be admitted to the city’s specialized high schools, your kid has to take the SHSAT or Specialized High Schools Admissions Test. Students need to take this test during the eighth grade and those who cannot make it can take the test again until the fall of the ninth grade. 

What’s on the SHSAT

SHSAT Review Classes as well as SHSAT Tutoring which could be
SHSAT Review Classes as well as SHSAT Tutoring which could be

There are two sections to the test: English and Math. The English section measures the kids’ reading comprehension and language skills. The Math section, on the other hand, is mostly composed of multiple-choice questions that are about 50 to 52 questions and several student-response questions that can be from 5 to 7.

Those students who would like to prepare for the SHSAT must answer the SHSAT practice tests. A Specialized High School Handbook from the NYC DOE is released every year; this contains two practice tests.  

On the Math Questions

The topics that are included in the Math section of the SHSAT are ratios & proportions, geometry, basic operations, percent, algebra, probability, and data. The Math questions are mainly in the multiple-choice type. The students are asked to indicate their answers and bubble in the number. All questions are marked right or wrong. 

On the Reading Comprehension Questions

Under the English section, questions that follow a passage may include these: inference, main idea, fact or detail, author’s intention, and supporting evidence. All the test questions will be derived from the given passage and not from any outside information.

On the Revising and Editing Questions

Another part of the English section is the questions that deal with revising and editing. This type of question will measure the students’ knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and word usage. The students may be given a sentence, paragraph, or a complete passage. The students will be tasked to choose the best means to revise or to simply pick out the errors. All questions will be in multiple-choice.

Free Programs to Improve SHSAT Scores 

You don’t need to break a bank for your child to do well on free shsat test prep. There are a few resources that are made available by the New York City government without any charge. The main resource is the Discovery Program. This is a summer program intended for ninth graders whose scores are close to the cut-off scores for their preferred specialized high schools. 

The DREAM program is another initiative of the city and state governments whose aims are diversity, inclusion, and equity within the specialized high schools. 

These two programs have their own set of requirements. It’s crucial for you to check these first if your kid qualifies.

How to Prepare for the SHSAT

Not all students are comfortable and independent enough to study on their own. There are those who need motivators and academic tutors to help them prepare for the SHSAT. This is why there are SHSAT Review Classes as well as SHSAT Tutoring which could be an Online SHSAT Tutoring or an In-Person SHSAT Tutoring. Online SHSAT prep has become very popular, especially recently.

Students can also choose to study for the test on their own. Past Specialize High School Handbooks are a great place to start. Each handbook has two practice tests in it. Another good option is SHSAT prep review books, most of them have lessons, practice problems and additional practice tests.

Lesson Plans with Stress Management Tools

The students who will take the exam are in middle school. This may be their first time taking an exam that will change their lives as a whole. This is why it is crucial for the students to be with tutors who know how to integrate stress management into their lesson plans. The tutor must ensure that the kids are aware of the test’s mechanics so that students will not be surprised on test day.

Tutorial Sessions That Help Grammar Aptitude

The addition of revising and editing questions is part of the exam that intends to enhance knowledge of grammar. There are many practice tests and drills that can help the student memorize grammar rules. Make sure that the tutor includes these in their SHSAT tutorial sessions.

Focus on Subjects That Are Problem Areas for Students

SHSAT mirrors the amount and type of knowledge students learn in middle school. This is why it is imperative to choose a tutor who will focus on the same subject areas your kid is encountering the most problems in. Find the tutor who will take the time to assess the subject and to figure out the shortcomings you must hone. 

Discussion and Practice of Proper Pacing

SHSAT Review Classes as well as SHSAT Tutoring which could be
SHSAT Review Classes as well as SHSAT Tutoring which could be

The free shsat test prep is now longer than in the past. This means that students have to add in more work beforehand to avoid burnout during the test proper. The tutor must be able to administer a full-length practice test for the students to have set a pacing benchmark. Then your kid may be encouraged to wear a watch and be mindful of the time always. The tutor must also assist your kid to set time and to set goals according to his or her own pace. Plus point would be for the tutor to add more additional time management strategies.

To give you an idea of how much tutoring can help your kid achieve the SHSAT score goal, here are some of the best benefits that it has been tested to offer

Encourages self-pacing and setting direction.

Through a tutorial, the kid will learn to be more proactive and initiate steps to accomplish the schoolwork. Eventually, the child will learn how to pace himself.

Personal attention.

Tutors are trained to know your kid’s individual learning style, and through this, they can adapt teaching approaches that suit accordingly. Tutors are like your kid’s private teacher.

More positive and conducive for learning environment.

Through tutoring, your kid can have an environment where learning is devoid of distraction, and with only a few or no students at all. This can help your kid to focus more on the SHSAT preparations

Let your kid take part in choosing his own tutor. This way you can be sure that your kid’s learning style is a great match to the author’s teaching approach. 

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