The development of a child’s brain is no longer the formation of new neural connections, but the destruction of unnecessary ones

From birth, a child’s brain forms up to 40,000 neurons per second. By the age of 5, 80% of these connections are destroyed by the brain itself. This process is called synaptic pruning.


To make it clearer, imagine that you need to get to a place where you have not been yet You ask passers-by how to get there. You go, but in the end you end up in the wrong place. Go the wrong way a few more times until you get to the right place. As a result, a neural connection is formed, which will now always lead you to the right place, and the brain must forget all the “wrong” paths.


For example, in people with autism, extra neural connections are not cut off in time, so they have a feeling of confusion even in a familiar environment, but where things are out of place.


Tip: Be attentive to your child, if it seems to you that something is wrong, immediately contact the specialists.


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