The second chakra is Svadhisthana

The chakra is located in the area of the genitals. More information is available here: The color of the chakra is orange. The mantra for the chakra is “Vam”. The chakra is associated with the element of water, so it symbolizes impermanence as well as high “fluidity” of energy in this area. The chakra is responsible for sensual pleasures. The expenditure of energy through this chakra is through two emotions – fear and sensual pleasures. If the energy goes through the left channel, “ida,” then fear manifests itself in this chakra, and if the energy goes through the right energy channel, “pingala,” then the energy manifests itself through sensual pleasures. All people who are in one way or another addicted to some kind of pleasure – alcohol, drugs, sweets, delicious food, sex, listening to music and so on – manifest themselves through this chakra. Sexual pleasures are the most energy consuming of this list, so in order to avoid wasting energy in large quantities, it is recommended to limit sexual activity in the first place. In modern society, the consciousness of most people is exactly at the level of Svadhistana-chakra. And this means not only that people spend a lot of energy, but also that energy does not rise higher, which means that everything that is present in the subsequent chakras is usually inaccessible to such people. At the level of the Svadhistana chakra are also what are called “creative people,” but it’s creativity of the lowest quality that most often motivates people to indulge their passions and waste their lives. An example of such creativity is much of modern show business. Leaving the body through this chakra guarantees reincarnation in the animal world. For example, there is an opinion that people addicted to sexual pleasures are reincarnated as dogs, since a dog’s body is maximally adapted for the pleasure of the mating process. There is also an opinion that taste addicts are reincarnated as pigs, because a pig’s tongue contains many times more taste buds and allows a wider range of tastes to be sensed. Thus, we can see that this world is perfectly just, and no one is actually punished in it: a person simply gets what he or she aspires to, and is reincarnated into the body that can most effectively satisfy the needs to which one gravitates.

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