We teach not a subject, but the ability to think

Developing the mathematical thinking of the child, you need to understand: any lesson with a preschooler should take place in the form of a game or in the implementation of his usual daily activities. Methods aimed at the development of mathematical thinking and odd numbers are given below.

Comparison: big apple/small apple.
Division into parts: mother’s pie is cut together into equal pieces. We take one out of eight, and if we put aside half, it will be four pieces out of eight! And if the baby eats a sweet piece of cake, this will be an example of subtraction. Agree, a delicious way to learn how to solve problems with subtraction.
From part to whole: Putting the halves of an apple together makes a whole apple. How many parts did you put together? Isn’t it a wonderful way to learn addition? You can successfully use puzzles to compose a picture.
We explain the search for cause and effect using similar examples: the sun went below the horizon, and therefore it became dark; if you pick this beautiful flower, it will wither and will no longer be beautiful.
Building order: put cubes and prime numbers list of different sizes from smallest to largest; or, walking in the forest or in the park, we count the trees in order.
analogy method. A wonderful walk will turn out if you look, for example, at a cloud and determine what it looks like, or see an elephant in a puddle! For older children, you can come up with a word game, naming a series of concepts united by meaning. Riddles and puzzles are also good.
Children at preschool age already know how to think mathematically and apply many skills. When communicating with your child, do not forget to play a math game daily using one of the methods described above.

When giving a creative task with plasticine, remember that it is perfect for learning numbers. Sculpt the number with your child – the ability to connect the sense of touch will help better memorization of numbers. And if, having fashioned the number 3, the child rolls up three plasticine balls, then this will be a good way to teach him associations. Correlating a number with a quantity is one of the first and very important steps in the study of mathematics in general.

And be sure to remember: your baby is talented and he has the ability to do mathematics from the very beginning. Teach him to simply be open to the world, make discoveries, be interested in others, boldly make choices and make his first small, but such important decisions.

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