Child leader and parents

It’s nice to know that your child is a leader. But can two leaders (child + parent) get along in one family? But what if there are not two, but three (child + both parents)?

The danger of such a configuration is that competitions may arise – who wins. The leadership qualities of the parents will be expressed in the suppression of the child. But he will not be able to obey unquestioningly. There will be competition, and then there will be confrontation, open rebellion, a nervous breakdown, or much worse.

Building parental authority will help here. Whatever one may say, it is the parents who are responsible for the minor child. Accordingly, the decisive word should be theirs. So that the baby does not perceive the established rules or prohibitions as an encroachment on his boundaries, discuss and argue the decisions made.

Be interested in the opinion about of the child, if possible, take it into account. Give him the right to choose and a little freedom in making his own decisions.

What to do when a child insists
Parents need to be consistent. If you have banned something, you should not succumb to bidding and manipulation. Sensitively follow the line that separates the ability to achieve something and unhealthy pressure.

Develop a sense of team spirit in your child leader.

He must understand that the leader is not the one who pulls the blanket over himself or uses the achievements of other people. A true leader achieves his goals through the proper organization of teamwork.

Contribute to the realization of the child’s leadership qualities in children’s groups – in the classroom, sports team, group of like-minded people with

Learn to criticize the right way – productively, without infringing on the dignity of the child. Turn any mistakes into lessons, and failures into useful experience.

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